Amanda - Level 3 Stylist

All hair is different, I have no favorite type, just love doing it all.

I love everything about my job.  Keeping up with new trends, going to classes.  But my favorite is to do highlights and brighten everyone’s day!

On the other hand blow drying long hair is challenging because of an accident.

I love consulting with my guests, I’m a big talker and a great listener. I also enjoy working with any age group.  Trying new ideas is always on my list.

I am inspired by life.  I am truly blessed to have the most amazing career for 21yrs.  Every day my 4 children inspire me something new happens daily.  My guests make me feel special trusting me to do what I love.

My Mom and Dad raised me to be strong, be a fighter, don’t give up, have faith and always put others first.

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